Our Products

DE Engineers are the largest manufacturer of commercial silos in W.A. and are able to design silos for polymer, plastic beads and most granular material to comply with all relevant safety and design codes. Nb/-Commercial silos are build to a higher standard than On Farm Storage silos as they are used in higher populated areas per Australian Standards, designed with 20% higher loadings so are priced differently to Rural Silos.

Commercial Silos

230 tonne commercial silos
Salt Potash Silos
Loadcell silos for plastic
Silos For HDPE
Steep Bottom Silos
Grain Handling Systems
Overhead Silos
Garner Silos
Poultry & Pig Silos
Intensive Feed Silos
Plastic Pellet Silos With Blow In Tubes
Painted Galvanised Sheet Silos
Silos Specially Designed for Loadcells
Engineered Bases
Augers To Fill Silos
Vertical Augers

DE Engineers also design and build augers to fill silos for most granular product incliding plastic bead.

Silos for malt barley
Specialised silos

DE Engineers are the preffered silos for breweries in WA and ous silos can be fitted with any logo.

Malt silo
Perforated floor
Macadamia Silos

A first for WA:
As Macadamia nuts must be kept completley dry we designed a specialised silo with a false perforated floor.