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All DE Engineers silos are made strong enough to handle granulated fertiliser like DAP and Agrass though Super and Urea are not recommended because of the way they ‘stick-up’ in silos.

DE Engineers fertiliser silos are  made with much stronger walls  from 1.6mm zincalume and vertical wall stiffeners are sometimes used depending on the material to be stored. Specialised fertiliser silos can be built with 45 degree cones but more than this is not recommended because the angle of repose or angle at which fertiliser will flow  is similar to grain so there is no need to have steep cone silos which is a common mistake by most manufacturers. This will cause material to bridge in the cone which is why some silos come with a hatch and a crow bar.

Urea can be stored safely for short term  storage (up to 3 months) in ‘stronger walled’ silos but must be kept completely dry and care must be taken when unloading to make sure the material is flowing correctly.  As Urea will clump or stick together it needs to be loosened from the silo walls to make sure it doesn’t stick and flows evenly. Many silos have been ruined when the cone of a silo has emptied and the walls have been left with all the weight on them. The best way to handle Urea is by hitting the silo walls and hopper while unloading with a rubber mallet which will free it up.

DE Engineers field bins are possibly the best storage option for granulated fertiliser because of their steeper cones and shorter walls but the auger should be choked a little to reduce power requirements when emptying.


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