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DE Engineers Field bins are the fastest to unload, setting records for truck loading:

DE Engineers  Field Bins are the most sought after field bin on the market being the strongest, fastest running bin that is fully engineered not to fail when operating with side walls that don’t crumple when filling. The last thing you want to worry about when loading trucks is having to shut down a hydraulic choke every time you stop the auger so our Field Bins are engineered to start while full of grain making loading much faster. You can even use our remote “Electro” Clutch (pat pend) to operate the Field Bin auger from inside the truck cab for faster, safer operating. 

nb/- all ‘Well Engineered’, tractor driven machinery  should be fitted with slip clutches for added protection and should only spin to prevent driveline damage (including your tractors).

NB/- Some manufacturers get it wrong…..

1. Field bins should be able to run with grain up to 450 rpm without shaking to pieces ( D.E. field bins can run up to 700rpm).

2. The faster you spin a Field Bin auger the geater the flow of grain.

3. Slip clutches are not a fire hazzard and do not spin when in use .

Field bins

Larger opening doors
New "Wide Mouth' Field bins

Introducing our new ‘Wide Mouth’ field bins with an opening of nearly 3 metres wide to make filling easier and increase usable capacity.

Stronger, longer lasting Field Bins.


By using thicker, stronger material, heavier construction and better design DE Engineers field bins are guaranteed to be the strongest field bins on the market and will not to crumple while loading. Walking beam axles on larger field bins offer a smoother ride while sharing load preventing axle breakages and all bins are fitted with PTO slip clutches to protect the driveline.

13"-15" Augers
Faster more efficient:

Our Field Bins use a large vibration free gearbox drive which runs smoother and faster (up to 700 rpm)  than traditional ‘double universal joints’ to shift more grain faster. We also have the widest (weather tight) double opening doors allowing more grain to be filled to the front and back increasing capacity and ease of filling.

Taller augers

With steeper augers, tall sided trucks are filled easily while being less likely to be damaged by grain trucks. Our standard augers have been painted with 2 coates each of undercoat and top coat standing the test of time for more than 30 years with very little corrosion.

Manual choke plates

Manual choke plates are just another one of our unique innovations: Primarily used  only when field bins are new to polish the augers, reducing power requirements during the first few loads.  Choke plates  can be adjusted to suit older tractors with less horsepower or to slow the grain flow when needed without the use of messy hydraulics.

Auger chokes
Bolt on auger chokes

Hydraulic auger chokes are available for regulating grain flow but not necessary while running DE Engineers field bins.

Pat Pend "Electro clutch"
Remote control clutches

With very little modification, DE Engineers 55hp Electromagnetic Remote Control Clutches (Pat pending) can be fitted to most Ag products. When fitting a slip clutch to a field bin, as with any ag product it is important to make sure your slip clutch is tensioned correctly because these clutches engage instantly.

Bubble -up-augers

Get the most out of your field bins with a hydraulic bubble up auger.

Field Bin Pricing: See PDF Below
Bushels / Auger size M3 Max Capacity (T) Approximate Capacity From Header (T) Diameter (m) Wall Height (m) Price Price + GST Note
1500-13" 55.8 45 42 4.85 3.78
1500-15" 55.8 45 42 4.85 3.78
2170/15" 79.3 63 58 6.0 3.70
2530/15" 92 74 N/A 6.5 3.96
3000/15" 109 87 N/A 6.5 5.15
Code Description Price Price + GST Note
Hydraulic Auger Choke Kit $1,450 $1,595
Twin Tow G/Box Drive Fitted (Includes Rear Bin Inlet & Hydraulics) $9,280 $10,208
800Nm Electro Clutch with Remote Control $2,550 $2,805
Supply and installation of Electro Clutch and remote control box to DE Engineers Field Bin (in house) $3,030 $3,333
10" Hydraulic Bubble up Auger $8,500 $9,350
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Field bin features
Field Bin Manual
Agricultural Pilot Requirements Flow Chart
Agricultural Combinations Order 2019