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Auto Sheep Feeders

24 Volt System
Automatic Sheep Feeders

DE Engineers have now developed a fully automatic feed system utilising our unique feed tray design as used in our round feeders to reduce feed waste. This system can draw feed from large field bins or silos greatly reducing time required to feed stock.

Stop shy feeders missing out.
500 ewes each side.

Our unique Lick Style feed tray stops larger animals from getting too much feed and shy feeders missing out by making the animals use their tongue to access food. This forces them to walk away to have a drink letting the tailers have a feed.

'Lick Style' to reduce feed waste
Adjustable Feed Height

Both sides of the feed tray can be adjusted to a different height depending on the size of the sheep or the amount of feed required in each paddock.

24V Solar Powered System
Solar Powered

We have designed the drive system of the auto feeder with a 24 volt motor, batteries and 24v solar charging so there is no need for inverters or 240v electrics, all controlled by a Bluetooth timer.
Currently we use a 50mm centre-less auger with a 750W motor that delivers approximately 600kg of feed per hour with the option of a 1500W motor to run a larger diameter auger over 24m.

The auto feeder will also be able to be connected to the internet via wireless sim to operate remotely with the addition of a camera with live video feed of the feed tray in future.

Feed Hopper
Silo Adapter

Connecting to silos with our purpose built feed hopper.

Add as many panels as you like
Feed Supply

Supply feed from large or small silos, field bins or we can supply a small feed bin to suit customers requirements.

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Auto Sheep Feeder Flyer
Feeder Installation + App Instructions
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