WA's Leader in Silo Design, Quality and Innovation.

To be Leaders in the Silo industry DE Engineers have proven to be the most innovative company in their field by constantly improving and inventing new ways to produce the highest quality products available while using the most advanced manufacturing methods.

As a result, DE Engineers now have all the bases covered for grain handling from taking the grain from the header to cleaning, storing and aeration while offering stronger, longer lasting, more efficient products.

Family Owned Since 1965.

Our Products

Rural Silos
Field bins
Commercial Silos
Feed Silos
Silo Aeration
Grain Cleaners
Stationary drives & Bulldog Plants
Remote Control Clutches
Stock Feeders
Longer Reach Chase Bins
Mobile Grain Augers
Silo Footing Specs / Parts
Murray Sheep Handler
Twin Tow Field Bins