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Back in the70’s DE Engineers Founder: Des Prater developed  the first self feeding cattle feeder which allowed stock to nudge one of the six sliding doors to let feed slide down into the tray (see below). This innovative idea reduced the amount of feed wasted and extended the life of the feed tray as very little feed was left to waste. These original Yellow feeders are still in use today with the later versions using a floating ring suspended on chains that the cattle nudge to attain feed.

This floating ring was later adapted to our range of self feeders for sheep because the feeds gap on all round feeders could not be easily adjusted as the entire body (often full of feed) needed to be raised to do so. With the introduction of “Lick Feeders” the feed ring on our Ultimate range of self feeders was modified so it could be adjusted with bolts to suit the amount of feed required and with ‘on farm design’ the feed tray was also modified to form a “Vee” shaped gap that stock have to lick from when feeding. This unique feeder reduces the amount of feed in the tray minimizing wastage and the amount of feed used (by around 50%) while extending the life of the tray.

Stock Feeders

Single Barrel Feeder
"Longer Lasting"

Our range of sheep feeders are guaranteed to be the strongest sheep feeders manufactured from from longer lasting 40nb galvanized pipe, have a ‘Lick style” feed ring which is adjustable to suit lot feeding and are easy to move with skids and fork shoes are available.



2 Barrel Feeder
"Feed More Stock"

Our sheep feeders offer the largest feed trough circumference and are recommended to feed up to 200 head of sheep per feeder.


3 Barrel Feeder
"Heading East"

Huge savings on feed has prompted our 3 barrel feeders to now become one of our biggest exports to the Eastern States.

The most efficient feed tray.
"Less Feed Wastage"

The ‘lick style’ feed ring stops sheep from overfeeding while saving feed on spillage by forcing sheep to use their tongue to access feed from a ‘vee’ shaped gap formed between the angled tray and adjustable feed ring. This unique design stops sheep from standing on the feed and will also work well with pellets.


Thanks Mathew
Text from customer

Kulin customer with around 10,000 sheep on 12 x 8t feeders

Steel rain guards
"Removable Rain Guards"

Because of the limited amount of food left in the feed tray extra rain guards are not usually necessary but steel removable rain guards are available and are supplied to be installed on farm so the feeders do not need a pilot vehicle during transport.

Under cone strength
Stronger Construction

Only DE Engineers sheep feeders are build with stiffeners under the base cone so they can be filled with the extra weight whole grains including lupins. The base frame is made from longer lasting galvanised  pipe (not square tube).

Small Cattle Feeder
Cattle Feeders

Our small cattle feeders are ideal for feeding calves and can be fitted with an optional feed blow in tube.

Cattle Feeders
6 Tonne Cattle Feeders

D E Engineers “Cattle Feeder” work by allowing cattle to nudge the feed ring to allow feed into the feed tray.  This means the cattle keep the feed tray empty, eliminating rotten feed and rusted feed trays.

Recommended for between 60-90 head of cattle.




Cattle Feeder with rain guard
Removable rain guards

Rain guards are extra and are supplied to be installed on farm so the feeders do not need a pilot vehicle during transport.


Cubic Metres Approximat Capacity (Oats) Height (m) Price Price + GST Description
ASF $16,000 $17,600 24m Auto Lick Style Feeder
4.23 2.3 1.8 $4,600 $5,060 Single barrel sheep feeder
8.6 4.75 2.6 $5,800 $6,380 Double barrel sheep feeder
13 7.2 3.5 $6,100 $6,710 Triple Barrel sheep Feeder
11.0 6 3.2 $10,200 $11,220 LargeCattle feeder
Item Price Price + GST
Fork Shoes (Standard) 0 0
Removeable steel Rain Guard $290 $319
Blow tube assembly $800 $880
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