Our Products

This page will show through a timeline how our products were developed with more text pictures to be added.

Innovations, Inventions & Awards

Sprung silo lids
Vented Silo Lids

Soon to be on all grain silos, our newest invention is the sprung ‘Vented Silo Lids’ (Pat Pending) which will take some of the worry out of storing grain. The vented silo lid allows hot and sometimes moist air to escape through the silo roof and can be clamped shut while fumigating.
NB/- DE Engineers and GRDC recommend silos should only be sealed for the fumigation period then left unsealed to allow air movement.
Read more from GRDC Groundcover at: https://groundcover.grdc.com.au/grain-storage/management/to-seal-or-not-to-seal

Solar powered
Automatic Feed System

DE Engineers have developeding a fully automatic feed system utilising our unique feed tray design as used in our round feeders to reduce feed waste. This system can draw feed from large field bins or silos greatly reducing time required to feed stock.
See: ‘Stock Feeders’ page.

75,000 litre Nurse Tank
Drought buster Water Storage Tanks

The new patented DE Engineers transportable water tank, with a capacity of 76,000 litres.

Hopper Mate

The smaller and lighter silo hoppers are the easier they are to use and will have less grain left inside when the job is finished. Our latest innovation is the ‘Hopper Mate’ which straps on to the auger barrel and the silo hopper stopping grain from being pushed forward, spilling on to the ground.

Easier Filling
New "Wide Mouth' Field bins

Our newest innovation is our ‘Wide Mouth’ field bins that will be shown for the first time at Wagin Woolorama. With an opening of nearly 3 metres wide to make filling easier and increase usable capacity.

Double Race
Murray Sheep Handler

Won the Sheep Handling Equipment Award at Dowerin Field Days in 1986

Spring lift
Cam lift Field bins

Back in the 90’s all field bins used a crank lever to lift off the ground for transport. These were extremely dangerous because the handle generated  speed as the bin was lowered so we developed a lift that was less dangerous because the cam has a constant force while lowering. nb/ Care still has to be taken to make sure the handle doesn’t slip from your grasp.

In 2006 we added a spring which became the first ever self lifting field bins.

"Easy Hitch"
Easy lift Field bin hitches.

The Easy Hitch was the first self lowering field bin hitch on the market with the idea come from a couple farming in Coorow at a Dowerin Field Day. The brief was to invent a way to lower the front of field bins so they could be filled without unhitching the tractor which often causes bins to swing sideways taking out the operators leg when a wheel rolls into a hole. This was our first Patent and won The Best New Invention and New Release awards at Dowerin and Newdegate field days awards 

25t Chase Bin
Round chase bins 25t
The first 3 barrel cleaner heading to Carnamah
DE Engineers rotary seed cleaner

In 2000 I was asked to develop a seed cleaner for on farm use and was told by 2 Beverley farmers that it must keep up with a header but not cost $80,000 as were the machines made at the time.

So after being dragged across paddocks to see some existing & home made cleaners DE Engineers took up the task. We are now the largest seed cleaning manufacturer in Australia, with cleaners able to clean seed & “scalp” larger trash off in one operation faster and at a fraction of the cost of other machines.

The seedcleaner also won the Farm Innovation award at Dowerin and Best New Invention and New Release awards at Newdegate field days.


Twin Tow gearboxes
Tandem field bins

When a customer told me at a Newdegate Field Day  that he had two of our field bins and wanted to know how he could hook them in tandem so he could store 60t, tow and and operate with one tractor? The idea was born and the following year we built our first Twin Tow field bins of which we sell around 20 each year.

Award Winning silos
Spiral Silos

Spiral silos won the New Invention and New Release awards at the Newdegate field days. 


Bigger silos
260t Spiral silos
35hp with electric clutch
Engine drive field bins
Feed ring on chains
Sheep feeder with floating feed ring

In 2002 we added an adjustable ring  to our range of self feeders for sheep because the feeds gap on all round feeders could not be easily adjusted as the entire body (often full of feed) needed to be raised to do so.
Years later in 2013 we changed the feed tray to make a ‘lick style’ feeder with a ‘vee’ shaped gap and a feed tray that slopes up not down.


Electromagnetic clutch

Patented in 2014 and won the the Best New Release award at Dowerin and New Inovation award at the Newdegate field days in 2015

Grainesafe 8
Silo Aeration
New trailer design
Low loader large silo trailer
Australia's largest transportable silos
152t Spiral silos