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DE Engineers are the only manufacturer to offer ‘Twin tow’ Field bins. All of our field bins can be towed in tandem because of the steeper discharge auger allowing 2 field bins to be operated and transported with one tractor doubling stored capacity.

Twin Tow Field Bins

45t plus 63t Twin tows
Twin Tow Field Bins

New style 63t and 76t field bins are being hooked together to hold in excess of 125t for around $69,000. This is half the cost of a ‘Mother bin’ with sealed segregated storage.

34t plus 45t Twin Tows
Making Use Of Smaller Bins

‘Twin tow’ gearbox’s can also be retro-fitted to existing DE Engineers field bins. Many customers have installed the gearboxes to smaller 35t bins that have been left idle in the corner of the paddock because they do not have enough capacity. An older 34t bin with a small auger can fill simultaneously into a larger 63t bin loading trucks offering around 85t  

Blending with Twin Tows
Double the storage
Twin Tow gearbox installation

Twin Tow gearboxes and drive lines can be retro fitted to any DE Engineers field bins.

Please note: when Twin Tow gearboxes are fitted, the front of the field bin needs to be raised using the Jacking leg supplied to transport as the front of the bin becomes too heavy for the ‘Easy Hitch’ to work automatically. Hydraulic Jacking legs are available.

Extendable hitch

Running Tips:
1.Make sure the bins are lined up perfectly straight before lowering to prevent the front auger from hitting rear door frame.
2.Lower tractor speed to idle before engaging dog clutch and make sure slip clutch is set correctly to prevent driveline damage when putting into gear.
3.Always start rear auger first to make room for grain from front bin.
4.Re-tighten all grub screws after the first days running.

Extendable hitch with stops

To make extending the hitch a one man job, one customer welded stops on to the hitch so the holes line up perfectly. (these are now standard)